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Lamar Packaging Systems is a full-service provider in all aspects of domestic and export packaging to the Automotive, Solar, Medical, Aerospace and Recreational Industries.

EPP Molded Foam

EPP Molded Foam

We are a charter innovator of the use of molded EPP (expandable polypropylene) for packaging. The material properties of EPP offers packaging solutions for fragile products and products with class A surfaces that can easily be scratched or marred.

Steel Shipping Racks

Steel Shipping Racks

Lamar Packaging Systems designs, prototypes and produces steel shipping racks for the automotive, truck, RV, recreational and solar industries. We offer one-stop shopping from design to prototype to manufacture and work with you every step along the way.

Lamar Wood Crates

Wood Crates

We produce cost-effective, unique, Green packaging solutions products for Automotive Packaging, Solar Packaging and Recreational Packaging; all are recyclable. Our products are earth-friendly in that they are either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

Lamar Packaging Design and Program Management

Packaging Design and Program Management

If your company has multiple locations and limited packaging engineering resources consider Lamar Packaging Systems to be your packaging program material specialists. We have program management programs throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

CNC Router Services

Lamar Packaging Systems provides CNC router services with our state-of-the-art CNC routers. Our computer aided routers can produce the high quality and consistent components that we are known for and that you and your customers demand.

Molded Totes and Inserts

Totes and Inserts

In addition to steel shipping racks, we offer injection molded totes and bulk bins at competitive prices, available in a variety of standard sizes. With your product in mind, we have the capabilities to design and produce plastic corrugated totes with dunnage to customize the tote to your needs.

Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging

At Lamar Packaging Systems, we design and produce expendable corrugated packaging products for multiple industries. Our focus is to design corrugated packaging that ultimately protects the product, is user friendly, logistically compliant and cost effective.

Policy Statement

Lamar Packaging Systems will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in regard to quality, service, and price. We will continue to enhance the skills of our employees through ongoing training and continually improving our products and processes.

Our Vision

Lamar Packaging Systems believes in conducting business in an open and honest manner. It is our goal to anticipate our customers’ needs by providing packaging designs and services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Integrity, excellent service, and satisfied customers is the foundation for the growth of our company.


Green Packaging Solutions

Save Your Planet with All Green Packaging Solutions.
Go Green with Lamar Packaging Systems.

Reusable and Recyclable

Lamar Packaging Systems produces cost-effective, unique, Green packaging solutions products for Automotive Packaging, Solar Packaging and Recreational Packaging; all are recyclable.

EPP Molded Foam

EPP Molded Foam is a 100% recyclable product. After the life of a program, the EPP Molded Foam may be returned, cleaned and chopped to its original bead form. The EPP Foam will then be remolded into a new product. Returnable packing is exactly that; packaging that is returned for use throughout an entire program.

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