About Lamar Packaging Systems

Who We Are

Lamar Packaging Systems is a premier provider of bespoke packaging solutions based in Toledo, Ohio. With two decades of dedication to excellence in the industrial packaging sector, we serve a diverse clientele, including key players in the Automotive, Aerospace, Recreation, and Health Care industries. Our family-owned enterprise, established in 2003, has grown to set the national benchmark in packaging design, program management, and assembly.

Our Expertise

Our offerings encompass a comprehensive suite of services to meet and exceed the intricate demands of packaging:

  • Custom Packaging Design & Engineering: Tailored solutions that fit your product like a glove.
  • Prototype Development: Realizing your concept with precision and speed.
  • Manufacturing: State-of-the-art facilities to bring designs to life with impeccable quality.
  • Assembly: Efficient and reliable assembly services to streamline your packaging process.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing to ensure your packaging stands up to real-world challenges.
  • Shipping: Punctual and dependable delivery services to get your products where they need to go.

Industries We Serve

Lamar Packaging Systems is the ally of choice for organizations within the automotive, solar, medical, aerospace, and recreational sectors. Our track record is a testament to our ability to devise innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions that align perfectly with the specialized needs of our clients.

Our Products

We pride ourselves on a versatile product lineup that includes:

Steel Shipping Racks: Robust and reliable solutions for transport and storage.

Injection Molded Totes: High-quality, durable totes designed for a variety of applications.

EPP Molded Foam: Customizable foam packaging for delicate and high-value items.

Corrugated Packaging: Versatile and lightweight options that do not compromise on strength.

Commitment to Quality

At Lamar Packaging Systems, quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our team, comprised of skilled engineers and technicians, is unwavering in their commitment to delivering packaging that not only meets but surpasses expectations.