Injection Molded and Plastic
Corrugated Totes and Inserts


Injection Molded and
Plastic Corrugated
Totes and Inserts

Custom Injection Molded Totes and Bins for Optimal Product Protection and Efficient Packaging

Plastic injection molded totes and bulk bins at competitive prices.

At Lamar Packaging Systems, we understand the importance of protecting your products during shipping and handling. Our team of experts specializes in designing and manufacturing custom injection molded totes and dunnage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Customized Dunnage Solutions

We have the capabilities to design and produce custom dunnage (holding materials) that are installed into the tote, including:

  • Plastic corrugated packaging
  • Foam packaging (EPP, EPE, XLPE)
  • Shaped dunnage (wire-cut, die-cut, or molded)

Our dunnage solutions are designed to perfectly fit your product, ensuring optimal protection and minimizing any wasted space within the injection molded tote.

Injection Molded Totes for Efficient Shipping

Our injection molded totes come in various sizes that fit standard-sized pallets (typically 48″ x 45″), allowing for easy and efficient trailer cubing. Our experienced design staff will work with you to determine the best tote size for your facility’s handling requirements and your customer’s needs.

The interior dunnage will be determined by several factors, including:

  • The protective needs of your product
  • Density requirements
  • Ergonomic handling considerations

Dunnage Materials for Different Shipping Product Types

Depending on your product’s characteristics, we will recommend the most suitable dunnage materials:

  • For small and robust products, plastic corrugated partitions are used
  • Complex and fragile products may require EPP, EPE, or XLPE shaped dunnage (wire-cut, die-cut, or molded)
  • Products that are easily scratched or marred may benefit from XLPE dunnage or molded EPP inserts, as these materials work well on most class A surfaces

Trust Lamar Packaging Systems to provide you with the best custom injection molded totes and dunnage solutions to ensure your products arrive at their destination safely and securely.

Injection Molded and Plastic Corrugated Totes and Inserts
Injection Molded and Plastic Corrugated Totes and Inserts

Bulk Bins work well in most production facilities because of their versatility. The bins come in standard sizes that cube trailers. They are collapsible for storage and return shipment. Bulk bins can be ordered with drop gates which can assist in the ergonomic handling of parts in loading and unloading.

All types of dunnage can be designed for bulk bins including partitions, foam dunnage, pouches and layer pads.

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