International Standards for Wood Shipping

Meet International Packaging Regulations with Lamar Packaging Systems

As a leading manufacturer of wood crates and packaging solutions, Lamar Packaging Systems specializes in creating customized crates, pallets, and containers that meet the critical ISPM-15 and IPPC-15 international standards. With over 20 years of experience supporting major industries like aerospace, defense, energy, and electronics, we understand the stringent requirements for properly treating and marking wood materials to prevent the spread of pests and plant diseases across borders.

Gain Peace of Mind with Compliant International Packaging

When shipping products overseas, failing to meet ISPM-15 or IPPC-15 rules can lead to serious delays, fines, or even destruction of shipments. However, our expert team makes compliance simple by using certified heat treatment and fumigation methods endorsed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). We also properly mark finished crates and containers to clearly show they fulfill all necessary phytosanitary regulations for export.

Wood Crates
Wood Crates

The ISPM-15 Standard: What Businesses Need to Know

ISPM-15 refers to the globally adopted standard overseen by the IPPC that regulates wood packaging materials (WPMs) like pallets, dunnage, crates, and reels. It aims to prevent the introduction and spread of dangerous pests and diseases that could severely impact agriculture, ecosystems, and economies abroad. To meet ISPM-15 rules, all WPMs must undergo:

  • Heat treatment to 56°C for 30 minutes
  • Methyl bromide (MB) fumigation
  • Other approved treatments

WPMs must also bear a special IPPC compliance stamp or “bug stamp” certifying they have undergone proper phytosanitary processing. At Lamar, we integrate these pivotal ISPM-15 requirements into all of our international packaging solutions.

Custom Crates & Pallets for Any Industry

Lamar possesses the capabilities to provide fully compliant packaging, crates, and shipping platforms tailored to your specific cargo dimensions and handling needs, including:

Oversize Crates

  • For large aerospace & defense components
  • Stackable and optimized for export
  • Robust structural protection

Hazardous Material Containers

  • Meet UN Dangerous Goods codes
  • Integrate secure barriers and containment
  • Built for nuclear, chemical, and other hazmat items

Medium-Duty Pallets

  • Multi-use pallets for spare parts, electronics, and components
  • Optimized to minimize shipping footprints
  • Easily handled by freight movers and forklifts

Why Choose Lamar Packaging for ISPM-15 & IPPC-15 Solutions?

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Industry Leaders in Phytosanitary Packaging

With decades of experience creating IPPC-marked packaging for regulated markets, Lamar’s expertise helps simplify compliance for your global logistics.

Single-Source Support

We provide turnkey international packaging services, handling treatment, materials, marking, manufacturing, and custom crate design.

Stringent Quality Control

Our manufacturing process carefully monitors treatment methods and application of IPPC stamps to guarantee properly certified packaging.

Lamar Packaging machine

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Our WPMs focus on reusable and recyclable materials to maximize durability while minimizing environmental impact.

Trust Lamar Packaging Systems for Your ISPM-15 & IPPC Packaging Needs

Don’t let non-compliant packaging put your international shipments at risk. As leading specialists in regulated wood crates and pallets, Lamar Packaging Systems has the proven experience and capabilities to serve businesses across industries who require properly treated, marked, and certified packaging materials under global ISPM-15 and IPPC rules.

With customizable phytosanitary solutions scaled to handle all cargo types and dimensions, we make achieving compliance simple and efficient for your export operations. Contact our team today to discuss your international packaging needs!

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