EPP Molded Foam Packaging Services

The Benefits of EPP Molded
Foam Packaging

Have you ever received a package where the product inside was broken or damaged? As a business, you know how important it is to properly package and protect your products during shipping and storage. Using the right packaging materials can prevent damage, provide cushioning, and keep your customers happy. One great packaging option to consider is expanded polypropylene (EPP) molded foam.

What is EPP Molded Foam Packaging?

EPP molded foam is a lightweight, durable foam that can be precisely shaped to fit products and provide exceptional protection. EPP foam starts as small foam beads that are then expanded using heat and pressure inside a mold to form a solid foam structure. The result is packaging that conforms exactly to the contours of a product.

EPP molded foam can be created as packaging inserts, trays, end caps, and liners that fit snugly around products. It can also be used to create entire foam boxes or cases. Custom shapes and designs are easily created to specifically fit unique products.

EPP Molded Foam packaging
EPP Molded Foam
EPP Molded Foam

The Benefits of Using EPP Molded Foam

There are many great reasons why companies choose custom EPP molded foam for protecting their products during transport and storage:
shock absorbers

Excellent Shock Absorption

The foam structure of EPP gives it outstanding ability to absorb impacts and cushion products from drops, shocks, and vibrations. The custom molded shapes fit tightly around products to keep them immobilized and protected.


EPP foam is lighter than expanded polystyrene foam. The lightweight nature reduces shipping costs, makes handling easier, and boosts sustainability.

Conforms to Odd Shapes

The molding process allows EPP foam to take on nearly any shape or contour needed to precisely fit a product. Odd shaped products or components can be securely cradled by the custom molded foam cavity.

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Class A Finish

EPP has a smooth, consistent cell structure that won’t scratch or scuff sensitive product surfaces. Electronics, optics, and medical equipment with delicate coatings or finishes are well protected by EPP’s Class A surface.


For mid to high volume production runs, custom EPP foam packaging is very affordable, especially compared to injection molded plastic solutions. The tooling and setup costs are spread over the entire production run.


EPP foam is recyclable and made using polypropylene plastic which has high reuse potential in many industries. EPP is produced without harmful CFCs or VOCs.

The Custom EPP Foam Packaging Process

Creating the optimal EPP foam packaging solution for your product involves precise engineering and manufacturing processes:

Design and Engineering

Packaging engineers work with you to create designs tailored to your product’s size, shape, weight and protection requirements. Factors like target costs, shipping methods, sustainability goals, and end use are taken into account.



3D printed and CNC machined foam prototypes are created so you can evaluate the design’s effectiveness. Virtual CAD prototypes are also used.


Precision Foam Molding

We use state-of-the-art foam molding machines and tooling to create EPP foam packaging components matched exactly to your product’s contours.


Secondary Packaging Integration

The EPP foam components can be engineered to integrate with corrugated boxes, steel racks, plastic containers, etc.



Our large manufacturing capabilities and inventory of EPP foam allow us to produce volumes from 10 to millions of pieces. We can seamlessly scale up as your program grows.

EPP Molded Foam

Industries Using EPP Foam Packaging

EPP molded foam packaging solutions are used across many industries including:

  • Automotive – For engine, transmission, and component packaging
  • Aerospace – For protecting aircraft and helicopter parts
  • Medical – Safeguarding MRI machines, surgical equipment, and more
  • Electronics – Protecting delicate semiconductors, servers, and optics
  • Defense – Packaging radar equipment, communications systems, and weapons

If you need to safely transport fragile or sensitive products, custom EPP molded foam could be the ideal packaging solution. Contact our packaging experts today to discuss your project!

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