EPP Molded Foam

Package Fragile Products
with EPP Molded Foam

Lamar Packaging Systems is a charter innovator of the use of EPP Molded Foam (expandable polypropylene) for packaging.

The material properties of EPP Foam offers packaging solutions for fragile products and products with class A surfaces that can be easily scratched or marred.

A material used for automotive bumper systems, EPP Molded Foam has exceptional shock absorption properties. Optimum packaging requires the packaging to absorb transit and handling shock. EPP packaging exceeds most other forms of packaging.

Expanded polypropylene has “softer” qualities than most foams. The softer qualities work well in dealing with most class A surfaces. EPP packaging is lighter than most packaging material which makes for ergonomic handling and the ability to improve part density when working with tote weight limitations.

EPP can be molded to fit your product. We can design totes made of entirely EPP or design inserts to fit into injected molded totes or other containers. Based on mid-range to higher volume programs, EPP packaging is cost competitive with other packaging modes.

EPP Molded Foam packaging
EPP Molded Foam
EPP Molded Foam

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