Steel Shipping Racks

Custom Shipping Racks to Specifically
Meet Your Standards

Lamar Packaging Systems designs, prototypes and produces steel shipping racks for the automotive, truck, RV, recreational and solar industries.

We offer one-stop shopping from design to prototype to manufacture. We not only supply the steel fabrication but the interior dunnage as well.

Our steel shipping containers include:

  • Returnable custom steel shipping racks
  • Mobile WIP racks
  • Carts and dollies for handling multiple parts

We have Solid Works and AutoCAD capabilities and we design from math data supplied to us from our customers. We can also design from a physical part if math data is not available.

Our focus in designing steel shipping racks is to meet all of our customer’s shipping rack criteria including product protection in handling and shipping, optimum part quantity per rack, ergonomic loading and unloading of product in the rack, economic cost, and optimum utilization of trailer or sea container space.

The dunnage that we design for our steel shipping racks includes:

  • Urethane, XLPE, HDPE, UHMW, EPP foam
  • Vacuum formed trays and dunnage
  • Vinyl pouches, vinyl bags, and others

We pride ourselves on the attention to detail, quality and function of our products.

Steel Shipping Racks
Steel Shipping Rack blue
Steel Shipping Rack gray
Steel Shipping Rack black

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