Wood Crates by Lamar Crates

Custom Wood Crates for Ultimate Packaging Protection

Lamar Packaging Systems produces wood crates custom made to fit your product and shipping requirements.

We design both domestic and export crates with custom designed interior packaging dunnage to guarantee that your product is protected during shipment and undamaged when it reaches its final destination. All our crates are heat-treated and compliant with the IPPC standard ISPM 15 to meet all export requirements.

Wood materials used for our crates include plywood, dimensional lumber and oriented strand board (OSB). The wood material thickness, typically 7/16” to ¾”, is available based on the weight of the products to be packed and the criteria given for stacking and shipping. The material type used is determined by the product to be packaged, warehouse and storage conditions, transit modes, destinations shipped, cost and durability requirements. Our design staff will work with you to create the best possible packaging option for your product.

Wood Crates
Wood Crates with dunnage
Wood Crates

Interior packaging dunnage used inside the wood crates are as important as the crate itself. We offer a multitude of packaging materials that can be used to protect your product during shipment. For cushion, polyethylene, urethane or polypropylene foams are commonly used. For abrasion resistance, cross-link polyethylene or poly materials are used. For resistance, lumber or high density foams are used. We will tailor the interior packaging dunnage to fit your product needs.

Most companies consider wood crates as one-way expendable packaging with a cost every time they ship. We have thought outside of the box and have designed our patent pending Kit-Crate that can be reused multiple times.

  • The Kit-Crate can easily be knocked down for shipping or storage (4 to 1 return ratio).
  • There is no need for nail guns or staple guns or crow bars.
  • The crates are assembled and knocked down without the use of nails or fasteners.
  • Instead, spring steel clips are used to hold the crate components together.
  • No tools are required for crate assembly. A screwdriver or a claw hammer is all that you will need to open the crate.
  • The crates are reusable within a closed logistic loop system.

Products that we have built wood crates for include: automotive components, glass products, solar panels, battery systems, recreational products, electronics, truck components.

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