Program Management and
Packaging Design Services


Program Management and Packaging Design Services

Lamar Packaging Services

Solving and Designing
Your Packaging Needs

Lamar Packaging systems is an innovator in structural packaging for domestic and export uses.

We have years of experience with multiple packaging modes. We can determine the best packaging or modes to develop the best packaging for your product at competitive pricing.

Lamar Packaging Systems is committed to providing unique and innovative designs to fit your returnable packaging and expendable packaging needs. Our packaging design team creates the ideal structure for your product using earth friendly materials that are either reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable.

We can design packaging for your product your using your math data. Our design staff uses Solid Works and AutoCAD programs for design. We provide concept drawings, production drawings, prototypes and production packaging. We also can design packaging utilizing physical products if math data is not available.

Whatever your packaging needs are, your packaging design issues can soon be solved by our design staff.

If your company has multiple locations and limited packaging engineering resources consider Lamar Packaging Systems to be your packaging program material specialists.

We have program management and production capabilities throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Our packaging design services include:

  • Meeting with your facilities and your customers to develop packaging or packaging programs.
  • Design and test packaging.
  • Produce and source production packaging.
  • Set-up packaging reporting and tracking systems.
  • Set-up packaging supply and repair centers.
  • Establish logistics systems to ensure JIT delivery and develop and maintain a packaging print library.

Logistics Support

Our team works closely with several logistics companies to find the most cost-effective way to deliver your packaging products. Contact us for more information.